Ayk Private Limited

Ayk Private Limited

The company was established in 1996 as a registered firm and was finally incorporated in 2006 with its existing name having its principal office located in Gujranwala. Subsequently, it was branched to Lahore and Islamabad.

What we offer?

We offer supplying, installation, testing and repairing services such as:

Complete Solutions For Your Ideas


We are sole distributers of following brands all over the Pakistan:

  • Plantronics
  • Vivax MetroTech
  • AG Power
  • Green Lee
  • Applied Percision
  • Intereng
  • China Shoto
  • Omicrn
  • Aitelong
  • PMS Pvt. Ltd
  • SSE
  • Gaoke

EPC Contracts

Ayk Pvt. Ltd. Works as an EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) Contractors in Pakistan.

We deal following segments:-

  1. ATS Panels
  2. Electrical & Electronics Solutions
  3. Maintenance
  4. Telecom Instruments
  5. Electrical Instruments



Applications & Features
  It is a part of last mile solution.
  Simple and robust design.
  Wire broken Connector for Telecom Application.
  Easy to install in variable fitting dimensions
both on pole and pillar type. (Friendly work man


We provide services in following fields all over the Pakistan with the help of our professionals:-

1.   Maintenance Services

2.  Telecom Installation & its services

3.   Electrical Services

4.  Calibration of Equipment

5.  Instrumentation Services.


Address & Contact

  Your Career at Ayk Here you will discover the waiting for you at Ayk Pvt Ltd in: Finance Human resources Information technology Legal services Marketing Sales Software development Support services Workplace resources Electrical Telecom maintenance Services You can also contact for internship http://www.ayk.com.pk/index.php/career Head Office 1st floor, Al-sharif Market, Main Model Town Road Gujranwala, Pakistan Phone:     (+92) 553 255 800 Fax:          ((+92) 553 736 674 Email:      info@ayk.com.pk Web :       http://www.ayk.com.pk
Contact Number:
(0092) / (0) 333 7474323


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